BT-Pusher Professional BlueTooth Marketing Device

The wifi marketing solution works in a similar way to a Hotels wifi hotspot, when you log on to the wifi connection and refresh your browser it immediately redirects the user to the advertising content page.
Using wifi we are able to deliver larger files such as high quality video because of the speed that is available.Through clever programming we are able to make this content available via the web once the user has moved away from the wifi zone, this then allows ongoing interaction with the ability for data capture and online mobile commerce.

The Bluetooth technology, is a short-range radio technology, Bluetooth uses decentralized network structure, as well as fast frequency-hopping and short-packet technologies in support of point to point and multipoint communication, working in 2.4GHz ISM band. The band is no need to apply for a permit for industrial, scientific, medical (ISM) radio band. For this reason, the use of Bluetooth technology does not require payment of any fees. Its data rate of 2.0 standard is 3Mbps. Using time division duplex transmission scheme to achieve full-duplex transmission.

1) According to the transmission speed to divide, then, Bluetooth is divided into four versions of V1.1/1.2/2.0/2.1
We use the Bluetooth module are v2.0 or later,. Current Bluetooth 2.0 standard can reach speeds of up to 3Mbps, the new standard definition of the speed of 10x to 30Mbps, 100x the speed of standard definition will reach 300Mbps. The actual data transfer rate depends on the consumer's mobile phone models, the current general speed 50k to 150k per second .
2) In accordance with communication distance to divide the case, Bluetooth version can be divided into Class A (1) / Class B (2).

a) Class A is used in high power / distance of Bluetooth products, multi-purpose special-purpose in the business, the communication distance of about 80 ~ 100M distance. Greater than 100 meters is not impossible, but the large number of countries are not allowed, and the need for additional permission.
b) Class B is currently the most popular formats, communication distance of between about 8 ~ 30M more for the phone / Bluetooth headset / Bluetooth Dongle personal communication products, power consumption and smaller size for easy carrying.

Our Bluebooth marketing Device using the standard class 1, or a class 2 module. If both endpoints of communication modules using class1, in the case of non-blocking communication distance up to 100 meters, if one endpoint is class 1 and the other side is class2, class1 side of the sensitivity of the antenna will determine the actual distance to send. A good antenna can greatly improve the reception distance. Our Bluebooth Marketing device using class1 module, most of the measured distance from mobile phones can reach 30-60 meters! Our BT-Pusher PRO+ Long Range Bluetooth Marketing device use long range bluetooth module with Amplifier and omnidirectional antenna,It even can reach 100 to 200 meter range to class 2 or class 3 bluetooth mobiles.

If you do not confirm, Bluetooth advertising device does not send the file to your phone, unlike SMS, or spam,it can not be regarded as spam.

There are approximately 70-80% of mobile phone users with Bluetooth functionality, the Bluetooth-related products with more and more Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones will be more and more. Usually high-end users will use Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone.

Because Bluetooth marketing is an innovative marketing methods, not many customers know Bluetooth marketing device. Our suggestion is: use poseter or screen to inform people about your Bluetooth Marketing device,eg."Turn on your Bluetooth for more benefits and services". Therefore, bluebooth marketing also known as Proximity Marketing

general 3 steps:
The first stage, the device detection: Bluetooth devices scan for Bluetooth devices within the scope of work
The second stage, the approval requirements: to send connection requests to each device found
The third stage, the content delivery: Once the user to confirm acceptance of the request, the Bluetooth device will send the file (our device using multi-threading technology to ensure the device is working very efficient)

Sure, you can set by software.

The actual maximum distance is 100-200 meters, when large areas need to install the Bluetooth advertising device, they can use our BT-Pusher PRO+ or BT-Puhser PRO to form a network so that all devices work together, as if only one device at work , but you can greatly increase the coverage of the Bluetooth advertising device. For the entire region, we will not give the same user to send the same information. And if a user in a network of regional refused to accept our message, in the entire network for some time (which can be 1 hour a day, to infinity) will not send a message to the user again. You can control all the control center,We can support LAN, WAN, wifi, or gprs, even the 3G way.

As long as you set up the relevant parameters, everything will run automatically, even including the updating (which can be regularly updated), without human intervention, unless you need to temporarily change the transmission strategy or content

Because Bluetooth marketing device relies on Bluetooth which uses a technique known as frequency hopping, then it can easily avoid interferences with other devices and ensure smooth operation even if the number of bluetooth devices increased dramatically.

Bluetooth using low power signals, the technology requires very little energy and will use less battery or electrical power as a result. This is an excellent benefit for mobile devices,So, please make your customers feel free to open the Bluetooth function, Enjoy it! Enjoy it!