BT-Pusher Professional BlueTooth Marketing Device
Buy any one of our Bluetooth advertising device, All can send the default file, So Please open your Mobile's Bluetooth function, and set a permanent visible mode. Make sure that our device is working properly!
If you need to modify configuration information or file content, no matter what version you purchased , you can use BtspConfig software to configure!
BtspConfig software main window as shown below:

Plese refer to : BtspConfig-User Guide.pdf BtspConfig Software User Guide
If you purchased the product is BT-Pusher PRO+ Long range Version or BT-Pusher PRO, you can use BtspConfig software or BtmanagerServer network management software to configure and manage them.
(1) If you need to use BtManagerServer network management software to remote management, first of all you need to use BtspConfig software to configure network parameters, as shown below:

If you are using a GPRS or WIFI network, you also need to configure the network-related parameters.

2)The BtspCongfig software-defined server IP and server port must keep same with BtmanagerManager network management software used.
The BtManagerManager software installation directory has a config.ini file which defined the BtManagerServer network management software used PORT:
Double-click to open config.ini file, confirm the local_port keep same and the PORT Using BtspConfig software configuration. as shown below:

(3) After using the BtspConfig software to config and set up Bluetooth Marketing device BT-Pusher, Please power your BT-Pusher, run BtmanagerServer software, the following dialogue appears:
Plese refer to : BTManagerServer-User Guide.pdf BTManagerServer software user guide!!

We can provide a Advertising Performance Statistics Software LogView for you to Statistical Analysis your ADS.You can use BTManagerServer software to download all log files or use BTSPConfig software to copy all log files from BT-Pusher Device.You can download AD Performance Statistics Software LogView here FREE.
Advertising Performance Statistics Software LogView (Click to Download)